I have loved horses since I was very young.  As I look back, I remember the connection I had with these beautiful creatures and it was like no other connection in my life.

They are so beautiful, and I simply cannot get enough of them.  Life went on as an adult, and since I no longer had access to them, I haven’t been able to experience this bond in many years.

My goal with this blog is to share my love for them, and connect with others who feel the same♥

At some point in my future, I will have an animal rescue on the property for my non-profit Cliff’s Story.  It will be called Clifford’s House and will serve young adults with mental health issues.

Being able to bond with other animals of all kinds will help these young adults to heal themselves.

I want to help heal all animals that have been abandoned, mis treated or just forgotten.  They will be given a beautiful life for the rest of their time here on earth with us♥

Let’s Connect♥

Priscilla L Brooks, Horse Lover♥

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Such beautiful creatures ❤