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The Connemara Pony ♥

The Connemara Pony

Watch this beautiful breed of pony from Ireland.

They are from the western part of Ireland and are know for their jumping abilities and great personality.

Taken from an article in the “Irish Central“,  the top 11 facts about the Connemara Pony~

1. It is Ireland’s only unique breed of horse.

2. But it has some origins in the ponies of Scandinavia.

3. They have a fantastic temperament.

4. Yet, they can also be trojan workhorses.



5. They have a goat-like jumping ability.

6. It was not an official breed until 1926.

7. They are now bred internationally, but there are no large commercial breeding farms.

8. Just like their human counterparts, they have played an important role in America.




9. The Connemara is the largest of the pony breeds

10. They are now owned for adventure trails, working with kids, or show jumping and other English riding disciplines.

11. The first Connemara pony was imported to Australia in 1963


If you can learn about this amazing pony and not one of your own, well….you just don’t love horses like I do

I hope you have enjoyed learning about this pony, I was asked about this pony on my channel on “eyeslick” and was so pleasantly surprised to learn of this pony.  I will definitely look into having one of my own some day

Priscilla L Brooks, Horse Lover

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Such beautiful creatures ❤